San Francisco is a Sh*thole – San Francisco Video

America’s biggest public toilet.

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  1. This is my new series examining shithole cities. Which city would you like me to cover next?

  2. 7:20 "Democratic" mayor? Or did he mean "Democrat" mayor?

  3. Excellant Idea Paul on giving incentive to the homeless in getting them to clean the city!

  4. PJW. Put my Sanctuary city Philadelphia on your list. You’ll get a kick out of our Mayor and a real hoot when you check out our recently
    elected District Attorney. They holdup SF as their vision of our future.

  5. Was that a guy at 3:20 in? Oh wait I backed it up a bit-oh damn that sounds wrong; but anyway backed it up a bit and it said something about a salon. Alrighty then!

  6. I hope and pray .. The West Coast Infection never makes it all the way to beautiful Upstate South Carolina .. There are druggies here like everywhere else in the nation ..But not to this level !

  7. Trump and the Russians caused this, more job security for Mueller.

  8. Of course PJW, for the next video you can talk about Santo Domingo, so fucking shithole because the trash thrown on the streets finish in the Caribbean sea and even blocks the sewers transforming avenues in fucking shitty smelling rivers. And who's responsable of this shit? The corrupted center-lefties government of Dominican Republic, that even made an non-functioning Environmental Ministery. Thanks for this video, maybe we can use it for teach people not to vote for corrupted politicians.

  9. This is what will happen to the entire Western world when whites become a minority.

  10. Most cities in the US have a higher murder rate than San Francisco

    St. Louis 59.8
    Baltimore 57.8
    Detroit 43.4
    New Orleans 41.7
    Newark* 33.3
    Milwaukee 24.2
    Washington 24.1
    Chicago 23.8
    Kansas City 23
    Cincinnati 22.1
    Memphis 20.5
    Oakland 20.3
    Atlanta 20.2
    Pittsburgh 18.6
    Philadelphia 17.9
    Indianapolis 17.1
    Miami 17.1
    Cleveland* 16.2
    Stockton 16.1
    Buffalo 15.9
    Tulsa 13.7
    Houston 13.3
    Durham 13.2
    Louisville Metro 11.9
    Orlando 11.9
    Oklahoma City 11.6
    Minneapolis 11.4
    Jacksonville 11.2
    NashvilleMetropolitan 10.9
    Omaha 10.6
    Dallas 10.4
    Jersey City 10.2
    Fort Wayne 9.6
    Mobile2 9.6
    Tampa 9.3
    Columbus 9.1
    Greensboro 9.1
    Sacramento 8.8
    Anchorage 8.6
    Toledo 8.6
    Las Vegas 8.1
    Denver 7.8
    Albuquerque 7.7
    Long Beach 7.6
    Fresno 7.5
    Phoenix 7.2
    Los Angeles 7.1
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg 6.9
    Wichita 6.9
    Aurora 6.7
    Fort Worth 6.7
    San Antonio 6.4
    San Francisco 6.1

  11. I love the Micheal Savage sound bite, he lives in San Fransisco and sees' this all time even in the higher class areas in front of the high end fancy restaurants.

  12. Never gonna go and holy shit its not a shock never pick up the trash hope my city gets better

  13. I visited there recently just last month, but this is interesting.

  14. Indian H1B tech workers also take dumps in the street.

  15. San Diego…nearly just as bad.

  16. please talk about marseille in france, it's very similar there

  17. San Francisco Politicians are the Dope Man, hahaha unreal because they created this immoral situation!

  18. If you do a search on "San Francisco trip 2018", you will notice that a lot of these vloggers are carefully editing out all the homeless people, tents, needles and $#it…and selling their picture perfect vacations to all their subscribers. Lol.

  19. I think training them to build a house is going a bit far lol

  20. Cover Chicago. This is liberalism's end game. To liberate people from all collective identity, including community to create a homogenous mass of dependent individuals while forever proclaiming superiority. The day will come when I leave America altogether. I only hope that by then, the destructive Western liberalism hasn't destroyed the rest of the world.

  21. Just came for the comments and I wasn't disappointed. lol😁

  22. Maybe if San Fran has a major Hepatitis or Cholera that is fatal they'll clean up their shitty streets.

  23. I'm from SF and it's a beautiful city, one can see ugliness anywhere. But I have to admit that there is truth in what Paul says. I saw my first dead body in under 24 hours upon arrival.
    The housing is insane, my cousin and her wife have a 7K mortgage, they both pull in 6 figures a year and still have a strict budget.

  24. PJW, no cities in california, they are all shitholes. chicago, detroit, atlanta, new york, washington are all shitholes, we all know that. Add boston, miami, shitholes. Damn PJW all the large cities are democrat run and shitholes. You new series is finished already.

  25. Umm, why are you using a THREE YEAR OLD YOUTUBE report ? it is MUCH MUCH worse nowadays

  26. It's been a shithole for the past 20 years.

  27. Hey I'm from Brazil but 1:39 is wrong. Not even here people are shitting on the streets. But Brazi is a shithole country in other ways

  28. So California is becoming India.

  29. Having piles and piles of feces on the sidewalks is part and parcel of living in cities


  31. San Fransisco AKA "The Devil's Anus"

  32. Been there last spring and…… Yeah. The city (the architecture) is beautiful. But never again. Someone through shit and my girlfriend got some in her back. Lucky here it only got her backpack. A nice waterproof backpack. … RIP nice 100$ backpack. My GF didn't want to touch it anymore, even after cleaning it with with soap and hot water (thanks to a Starbucks employee that saw that and offered to us their cleaning products to wash the bag as much as possible)…. Still went to the trash… Just like our feelings towards the city.


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