Psychedelics, shadow and growth: Rebel Wisdom Podcast – San Francisco Edition – San Francisco Video

Rebel Wisdom’s first overseas adventure – David and Alexander outline RW’s plans for future interviews and documentaries – and take the opportunity to explore the new psychedelic renaissance, just half a mile from the centrepoint of the 60s counterculture, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury. Psychedelics are having a mainstream breakthrough, what next? Can they still break people out of ideological possession and perform the deconditioning role they played in the 1960s? What are the benefits and dangers?

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  1. I've never been to a church for anything besides a funeral or a wedding. Would be interesting to see that sermon or least some of it. We have a huge community of Black Christians here in Wales and I have been invited to go along which was kinda weird.

  2. is paranoia really a kind of truth though? what about psychosis? Notice to the young, these proto-hipsters are playing with forces they do NOT understand. enjoy

  3. Looking forward to the Paul van der Klay interview!


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  6. "Rebel Wisdom" is obviously an Illuminati (Satanist) front. Look at the logo- Pyramid- check, sun worship- check. The name "rebel wisdom" aka wisdom of rebels, rebels meaning sinful man (rebels against God). Then they promote psychedelics, which, like Yoga, is known to open a person to spiritual possession. I presume they are working the relatively high-IQ white male segment with this channel. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!

  7. Is there an ethical use standard for psychedelics being discussed anywhere? The native cultures in the Americas had a ceremonial / story or religious structure to govern and guide their use to help the individual and by extension the community. in the sixties the shedding of the cultural norms kind of went against creating structure around psychedelic use. The wisdom could be found in the Amazon and the Native American southwest.

  8. Very interesting. To argue a little bit of semantics the search for truth, as you guys touched on, really is blanketed within personal honesty as stated in this video and which is something Jordan Peterson lectures on pretty regularly. There is a danger with psychedelics to self-medicate and there is also the danger to self medicate with rationalized self-delusion. That's one of the reasons why a healthy and strong community is so important. We are social creatures and we cannot see our true reflection, that only others can show us, with any mind altering substances. Empathy is a much more powerful Consciousness opener when it is honestly applied to one's own experience. The Shadow of the empathetic experience is that of the cult leader manipulating their followers.


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