Carson Palmer, The Best QB in NFL History | San Francisco 49ers Connected Franchise Ep. 17 – San Francisco Video

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Outro Song: Nathaniel Rateliff: Trying So Hard Not To Know

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THE Madden Rebuild King. Rebuild God. Lord Bengal King of the Rebuild. Never forget it.

Seriously though, whether it’s madden 18 rebuilds, madden 18 rebuilding, madden 18 realistic rebuilds or madden realistic rebuilding of any team, I am the best to ever do it.


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  1. Love this series and the relocation series!

  2. Rueben Randle > prime Randy moss

  3. Favourite series on youtube 👌

  4. You should put Ahkello Witherspoon at LT, he’s already shown that he’s a better blocker than your entire O-line

  5. Are you intentionally keeping the sliders this way so you can release all your anger about Madden 18 and reveal your hidden hate for the 49ers

  6. All this goof does is complain and whine…

  7. Legit… Try the mike thing I suggested earlier. In my experience it helps. But it could be confirmation bias, as well. So idk.

  8. Keep complaining about the fuck shit bro. It's absolutely hilarious and the reason I watch ur videos. Your sarcasm is lit.

  9. "He came in there, very hard, all over the cardinals" lmfao

  10. U should have made the drafted players real prospects

  11. 15:00 look at how open that HB was tho

  12. Get Bell or draft LJ Scott from Michigan state that looks like bell. 6’1 230.

  13. If only the Jets drafted him….

  14. Bengal needs to fix his tackle sliders

  15. I don't understand this kid. he literally knows nothing about football he only knows of players of the past because they've gotten a mut card in the last 3-4 years. he acts like he knows everything. and he's not even good at the game, he can't even beat the computer on rookie and wants us to act like ea is fucking him over when in reality he's just bad. i don't understand how anyone can watch a little 14 year old prepubescent kid whine about madden and act like he knows anything about football.

  16. Anuone else see in the last 2 min of the game when Bengal usered the safety and hit sticked david johnson and after he hit him the safety did a frontflip after lmao


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