San Francisco Democrats Just Hacked Kate’s Memorial Into Pieces For HATEFUL Reason – San Francisco Video

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Unfortunately for beautiful Kate Steinle, she was murdered in the liberal sanctuary city of San Francisco, California by an illegal alien that those in this cesspool of a city are desperate to protect. In a shocking verdict, the judge on the case sent Garcia Zarate, a 45-year-old Mexican citizen, free. In doing so, he proved he puts more value on the life of a murderous illegal alien, than he does the dead victim who didn’t get a second chance. The illegal is a free man after being acquitted of murder and now six days after that sick verdict, the victim’s family were just hit with a second devastating blow.

The loss of young Kate’s life was vain after the judge shifted the attention to her illegal alien killer as the victim, rather than on the immigration issue being the problem that cost Kate her life. Now that the decision has been made to exonerate the six times deported Zarate, the so-called Sanctuary City of San Francisco wants to honor him further. It’s clear that the city is desperate to change the perception of murderous illegal aliens by removing the one reminder of the life lost to this loser. In doing so, authorities essentially spit on Kate’s grave and sent a sick message to her mourning family who are still trying to come to grips with the fact that their daughter’s killer is a free man.

Kate was killed at Pier 14 while on a walk with her father at the iconic tourist attraction. Now this picturesque spot serves as a constant, painful reminder of Kate and the justice that was not served, which she deserved. All that remains where she stood when Zarate came up and shot her, is a shrine to her life. It’s the least she deserves so she’s never forgotten, no matter how much a judge and jury want her to be after having forgiven her murder.

That shrine is now being removed and who ordered the destruction of it is almost as shocking as the reason for taking it down.


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  1. Time to start rounding up theses Democrats NUT CASES and put them in jail for being TRAITORS to Humanity . SKK .

  2. The democrats don’t create ANY THING GOOD. The democrats created the KKK, the democrats created BLM, the democrats created isis, the democrats created antifa. The democrats are the masters of creating hate groups. What would you expect from a democrat? They are stupid, hateful, violent, criminal, anti-American and just plain disgusting. They are the rectal cancer of this nation and the cockroaches of the world.

  3. All I can tell these scum is Karma is a Bitc* might be a little reason why they are burning down out there

  4. They want no reminders of their sins , its called a guilty concious.But their sins will find them out.

  5. Take away the reason of San Francisco to place illegal aliens's safety above Americans. Take away any federal aid. As far as the illegal alien murderer is concerned he will never return to the US.  He will die a long painful death.


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