Wrongly Incarcerated 49ers Fan Finally Gets His Wish

After working with The Innocence Project, Malcom Scott was released after 22 years of wrongful incarceration. It was an honor to host him at a game this season. Watch the story: http://49rs.co/MqRl1W

Wrongly Incarcerated 49ers Fan Finally Gets His Wish


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  1. Prison is better than wearing those black jerseys. Happy for Malcolm though.

  2. Nice Diversion Chronicle?!
    However.. Reuben Foster was proven as wrongfully accused…. and what did you do about it???????!!

    The woman who admitted to lying about domestic violence claims against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster won’t likely face charges for making false claims, KPIX-TV reported.

    “We don’t charge domestic violence victims who falsely recant. We empathize with them, we support them, and we advocate for them,” the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement to the news outlet.

    While the statement didn’t specifically address Foster’s ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, it was in response to KPIX’s inquiry about possible charges against the woman.

    “What they’re saying is, we have no intention of prosecuting someone under these circumstances,” Steve Clark, a legal analyst, told the station.

    On Wednesday, a judge dismissed the felony domestic violence charges against Foster during a hearing after Ennis took the stand.

    The woman told the judge she made up the entire story because she was angry with NFL player for breaking up with her.


  3. Enjoy ur new life, don’t look back, go forward god has it now

  4. I know a bunch of readers here are anti Trump, but to be fair under his watch so far, he is hands down the most active President when it comes to helping the innocent or the overcharged/ unfairly sentenced persons. The media wont share it, but its true. I am not trying to convince you to like DJT, just point out he isnt all bad.. especially of you are one of the ones he has helped… thats my .02

  5. Hope the DA paid for those Tickets with his own money… wrongful accused of murder with the main Witness recanting and blaming the DA for pressuring him to lie…SMH


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