San Francisco New Years 2019 Fireworks Flight – 5,200 Subscriber Special! – San Francisco Video

HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! This channel passed 5,200 subscribers right on January 1st, 2019.

Generally speaking San Francisco does not have nice clear nights on New Years Eve. It’s usually foggy or overcast which makes fireworks gazing by aircraft a dodgy endeavor at best. This year, the forecast was severe clear. I decided to celebrate an excellent 2018 by taking in the celebration from the skies!

I had originally planned to be in the area about 5-10 minutes prior to the fireworks show starting, but a 44kt crosswind / headwind from the north east slowed me down considerably. It also contributed to the significant turbulence you can see in the video. While I was comfortable flying around in it (it really wasn’t that bad), this would not have been a fun date flight. ?

2018 has been an incredibly wild ride for me, especially in recent months. I should probably do a proper channel update to let you all know what’s happening in my life, but believe me it’s all good.

Long story short: I quit my software engineering job after deciding that the 4 hour per day commutes weren’t worth the stress they were putting on my body. I used to be a building inspector, but decided I didn’t want to get back into that, so instead I decided to enter a different sector of the housing industry — the oft cliché Real Estate License!

Strangely enough, though I’m putting in way more effort to build my own business and brand locally, overall it has been WAY less stressful than the commute that I previously had to endure. Unfortunately, I have been on a bit of a hiatus for the past several months focusing on starting that new venture.

2019 is the year I am determined to post at least one video per week, whether it’s a proper flight vlog, DCS World tutorial, or just a general life update video. I’m trying to start things off with a bang with this fireworks video!

Thank you so much for sticking with me as this channel continues to grow, and I hope you enjoy the New Years Eve Fireworks flight!

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  1. Combination of both! All the way from Texas! Happy New Year!!!

  2. What? That's a real aircraft! Nothing to do with missiles at all, ATC was not in Russian…..What are you doing?

    Good on ya, Happy 2019

  3. Very nice mate. I am so jealous

  4. So what did you do, just ask for a bay tour? I was too wasted to get near an airplane for at least a week but I was curious about a flight like this.


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