Uber Driver Is Slammed Outside Uber HQ In San Francisco By A Security Guard – San Francisco Video

Here’s the link to the article https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/carolineodonovan/an-uber-driver-was-just-tackled-to-the-ground-outside-ubers

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  1. Hell yeah that guard was in the wrong

  2. Hell yeah-he was totally out of line!!! No one has a right to cause physical harm to anyone except in the case of self-defense.

    As to the rating system, ever since I was "awarded" Rider Preferred 2018, I've gotten more low ratings than the 1.5 years of driving for Uber prior. I told Uber instead of an honor, I feel like it's more of a target….unfortunately. People just suck sometimes.

  3. Funny nightclubs get sued if doorguys man handle customers they remove…

  4. Uber is hitting it out of the park

  5. Why they didn't mail it with signature delivery confirmation?

  6. Well now the driver can be paid fairly from a law suit settlement

  7. I live in San Francisco. I also own a business on Market St.. This is crazy.

  8. I would press charges and sue securitas. Realistically the security company is liable for this one not uber. The secur6offiver should lose his security license for that.

  9. Nothing is more hated, by drivers than the 5 star rating system and deactivations. Uber doesn't realize that the star rating system, as it is, and as it is used currently in rideshare, is a psychological monster.

  10. Isn't this how security treats all company "partners"?

  11. I think it's a big picture situation. Uber likes to give lip service to drivers: example, the delivery survey I got on my app yesterday. I filled it out; however, it may as well have been me they slammed to the ground. The big picture is they are will to slam any driver to the ground especially, financially. But yes, with the right lawyer, the driver in the video will probably never have to drive again.

  12. He'll have a law suit against Uber and the security company all companies are using this type of rating system and they don't the customer what the numbers mean if lower than 5 nor the employees

  13. Security guard was trying to prove something to his girlfriend.

  14. Security Guards are NOT suppose to tackle people. The guard could be charged with assault.

  15. As far as uber and lyft go with deactivating for no reason I wonder if there is a program code in the system that randomly deactivates drivers? Dustin I'm going to be using one of my other email address to use YouTube ypou know why, you'll know when its me

  16. Drivers have to respect everyone according to Uber; As a fellow driver, I know the courtesy isn't returned to us, this PROVES IT!

  17. Time to deliver my thoughts to Uber on paper, and collect an early retirement like this poor guy should! SUE ON!

  18. just shows how crazy things are getting with unhappy drivers will there be a time when uber gives in or are they too wealthy too big to fail?

  19. End of the summer nights always drives me nuts here we have no day light saving but it gets dark earlier it seems like 10pm when its only going on 8

  20. looks like we better b looking 4 new jobs soon. no reason 4 that though. poor guy.

  21. Outrageous behavior by Securitas and Uber! An excellent illustration of unnecessary escalation of force. Assault and battery without a doubt. I hope the victim seeks the best medical care they can find. The one issue Uber wants to avoid at all costs – arbitrary deactivation without due process rights for any driver.

  22. The guard should have been shot in self defense


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